Abrumi pumpkin seed oil


Abrumi pumpkin seed oil is produced from pumpkin seeds of the highest quality, which undergo thorough supervision during the production process that is carried out by a traditional procedure. In comparison with the production of other vegetable oils, the production of the Abrumi pumpkin seed oil is more specific and diverse. Oil itself undergoes a mechanical process, where heat is used. There is not use and add any supplements and all this results in high-quality pumpkin seed oil. It is also known for its pleasing fatty acid structure, it namely contains around 20 % of saturated fatty acids, around 30 % of monounsaturated fatty acids and around 50 % of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The Abrumi pumpkin seed oil is high in tocopherol, since one finds around 46 mg of vitamin E in 100 ml of oil.

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Abrumi pumpkin seed oil can be served as a salad dressing either alone or combined with honey and olive oil. It can be used for deserts as it gives the ordinary vanilla ice cream a rich and distinct nutty taste. Serving pumpkin seed oil as a sauce for sushi and nigiri can be a special delicacy.

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